Ministries at Vibe

We believe when people engage in service, it leads to life change.


Almost every Sunday is someone's first Sunday at Vibe Church. Imagine joining a team that has fun creating a welcoming environment for our visitors. The Welcome team works hard to create an environment where each person feels welcome and comfortable. You can expect to have fun, care for new people, share community with your team, and play a significant role in helping someone have a wonderful experience.


Our children's ministry program exists to introduce children to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help them to live their whole lives in response. We do so by walking with them through their spiritual development, building Christ-centered relationships, teaching a Bible-centered curriculum, and participating in missional activities.

We want your kids to love church and we work hard every week to create an exciting, age appropriate kids service designed with your child in mind.


At Vibe Church, you’ll be welcomed into a friendly, casual environment each week by people who are excited to see you. Our weekend service runs for an hour and a half (10:00am - 11:30am) and is packed with relevant teachings straight from the Bible that include practical application for your life. You will also experience high energy, meaningful worship music & exciting kids experiences designed to bring the Bible to life for kids. 


Your involvement at Vibe Church matters because your service really makes a difference. The Ministires listed describe many of the service opportunities where we need your help. Please look around and then contact the leader for the ministry you would like to serve.


This amazing team use their musical gifts to help bring us into God's presence. We don't just sing songs, we 'worship'. When we worship, heaven opens up over our service and God moves in ways that can only be discribed as miraculous!If you are a regular attendee of Vibe Church, gifted musically, and more importantly, if you have a desire to use your gifts for God's glory, then we would love to have you join our music team.


The Lighting Team prepares and operates the equipment used to light both the stage and the auditorium on Sundays. They focus on illuminating properly, creating atmosphere, and focusing attention.


The Audio Team is responsible for the set-up, monitoring, and adjustment of all auditorium audio equipment. Their role is to support the band, speaker, and all on-stage personnel as they lead or communicate to the audience on Sunday. They focus on facilitating worship and communication, focusing attention, and removing distractions.


The Video Team prepares and operates the equipment necessary to display videos and any graphics or characters that are needed to enhance the Service (ie: worship lyrics, Bible verses, etc.). They focus on enhancing and delivering the worship and the message, creating visual appeal, focusing attention, and supporting the communicator.


We want to be known for our generosity—with both our time and money—toward those in our local community.  Vibe Care is our registered charity existing solely to provide assistance and care to people in our community and beyond.  Some of our initiatives include food parcel outlets, drug & alcohol rehabilitation houses that provide opportunities to meet the real needs of our community as we serve together.


Vibe Church have a Youth Group that provides teenagers with a place to 'hang out' on a Friday Night. Vibe Youth has a vision to raise leaders who by example will show teenagers how to make wise choices, how to lead their peers, and how to be all that God has intended them to be. Youth also meet Thursday nights 7pm for Connect groups.


Vibe Young Adults all about connecting, growing and surrounding yourself with likeminded people where you can not only grow in your faith but build strong friendships. After most of our weekend services, the Young Adults also get together and connect over lunch! This is the perfect place to get to know some of the amazing young adults in our church. The venue changes each week so keep an eye out for the next spot.


Helping everyone stay up to date on what's happening in and around church. This awesome team will help answer any questions you may have about basically anything that happens at Vibe Church. We are always looking for joyful, helpful and enthusiastic people to join this team.


Vibe Church

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