At Vibe Care Community Pantry we provide low-cost food at a minimal cost and we also give away free fruit n veggies, and bread. We don't offer financial assistance but we will help you save significantly on your shopping bill. To use this great service all you need to do is show your Centre link card on arrival. Locations & times of operation are as follows...

Tweed Heads, 3 Beryl Street (Entry is from rear of VIBE Church), Monday 9am-11am Tuesday 9am-11am Thursday 9am-12pm Friday 9am-11am Nsw time. 

Palm Beach, 8th Ave (Parking is available at the back of the shops), Monday 1pm-4pm  Wednesday 1pm-4pm Thursday 1pm-4pm Qld time.

To see what food is coming in each week go to our Vibe Care Pantry Face Book Page

For a child, Compassion Child Sponsorship works by proving the chance to see a doctor when they're sick, access to education, safe places to play and laugh, and the chance to discover Jesus' incredible love for them. ​All this and more equates to a bright future so that they, and eventually their own children, can live free from the grip of poverty. 

Vibe Church is strategically sponsoring children in one city ( Java - Indonesia ) with the intention to visit our children together as a church in the near future. ​By Sponsoring a child through Compassion Australia you get to play an important part in the developing, discipling, and equipping children for life. 



If you know someone who is battling addiction or any other life controlling issue - drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography or self worth, whatever it may be, this program is for you. Victory house has successfully helped people to overcome addiction and adversity to achieve the life they always wanted, our live-in program is designed to help anyone who is willing to do whatever it takes to make a real change and have a better life. If you would like more information regarding the program, fee structure, availability, etc. Simply fill in the form below and we'll be in contact soon. You can also call our Victory House Hot Line directly on 0487 255 587 or visit Victory House Website

Beyond the Walls

Every person matters to God. That’s a message we as a church are committed to taking beyond the four walls of our building. ​Through partnerships that inspire change locally, regionally and internationally we fight poverty, provide relief to those in crisis and share hope with those that need it most. We do it all in Jesus name because we believe that’s how we make an ​​eternal difference in the world around us.​​ 


We invite you to join us in serving our community and beyond. Fill in the form below for more information.​​